Wall of Honor Engravings

The Veterans Wall of Honor was started by the Red Hill Community Club in 1996 and celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Memorial Day of 2016. It was started to provide a remembrance of all those in our area who had served the country in any way in the military forces of our country.  Since we started, the number of names on the wall has grown to a little over 200.

Listed below (please open the file), in alphabetical order, are the current names engraved on the Red Hill Community Club Veterans Wall of Honor and what we know about them.  We have a few people who were connected to the community but whose names are not currently engraved on the wall but are listed below.  These folks are indicated by NCEOW.  If you wish to have one of those people honored by an engraved name just let us know.  Currently the cost is $100 of which $25 goes to the maintenance fund for the school building.   If you have more information or pics on any of the ones listed below we would love to post it on our Veterans Roll of Honor VRH or on our Veterans Stories section, VS, also located on this site. The name of the person who was killed in action is in gold with a gold star to indicate that the person was killed in action.  A black star ★ indicates the person has died since their service to the country.  No star indicates that the person is still living as far as we know.  VRH indicates that there is information on this person on our Veterans Roll of Honor section of this site.  VS indicates that there is information on this person on our Veterans Stories section of this site.

James Theo Abrams US Air Force Cold War  NCEOW

Edward J. Adams, Jr. ★ 

Gorley Lester Andrews ★

Harry Andrews ★

James D. (DOD) Andrews ★

James Doyle Andrews

Jay C. Andrews ★ 

Merrill Andrews

Otha L. Andrews  

Steve Carlos Andrews ★

William Charles Andrews

Carlton E. (Buddy) Atkins ★   US Army

James C. Atkins ★  US Army L19 pilot in KOREA VRH

Thomas Cecil Atkins ★  US Army WW II France & Germany VRH

Douglas E. Atkisson ★      US Navy  Cold War  

G. L. (Pete) Atkisson ★    US Navy WW II

T. Joe Atkisson ★     US Navy  Cold War   

Billy J. Baker

Danny D. Baker

James (Jim) Baughman ★  US Air Force     Cold War  


Isaac C. Blake   


James L. (Speedy) Boswell


James T. Brooks


Perry Lynn Bunn


Monroe Bush ★  US Navy WW II NCEOW


Nolin B. Chambers 


Phillip J. Clark  


Rufus Alfred Clayton ★ US Army WW II


  Thomas Edward Clayton US Navy WW II


 Arthur Cobern


 Gerald L. Connor ★  US Navy   WW II


 James H. Coombs       US Marine Corp


 Thomas F. Coram ★   US Navy   Cold War


 David J. Cruseberry


 Willard Darby ★  US Army    WW II   82 Airborne  Anzio, Italian Campaign


 William Howard Walls Darden ★ US Navy   WW II  South Pacific  VRH


 Bradley W. Davis


 Charles W. (Butch) Davis


James O. Davis ★  US Army WWII  VS


Jimmie E. Davis ★  US Army  Vietnam


Wall of Honor