Scenes from our 2019 reunion on October 20th

The Red Hill School Reunion 2019 was held by the Red Hill Historical Preservation Association on October 20th at 2 pm with some 50 people attending.  Some of those attending included Paula Castleberry, President of the RHHPA, Rosalinda Crum, Vice President, Raymond Hall, Secretary, Rays's wife Linda, Ozzie Abel, Board Member, Charles Chambers, Red Hill Fire Departement Chief, and his children, Cheyanne and Judah, Bill Garnett, Board Member, John Gromko, Board Chairman,and his wife Dodie Gromko, Shirley Lett, Board Member, Mary Ann Lee, Reunion Coordinator, Debra Roberson, Food caterer for the event, Susie Ingram, asistant to Debra, Jack Hudson, Raymond and Ann Swink, Morris Wayne Walls, Stanley Walls, Ginny Walls, Edith Hall Connell and her husband Jim Connell, Shirley Rhodes, Class of 1944, who was the oldest attendee, at 94, and his driver, Molly Speake, Roma Lee Taunton, Charles Taunton and his wife Charlotte, Kay Taunton, Huette Taunton, Barbara Ingram Baldwin and her daughter Rhonda, Robert Ingram, Molly and Frankie Tatum, Ronald Griffith, Wayne Griffith, Marty Kennedy, Roger and Pat Hall, Kay Atkisson, Connie Cone, Tom Gunter, Kirsten Navack, Rev. Steve Scarborough and his wife Dee, Seth Scarborough, who provided photography for the event, Joe Hall, Ronald Joe Hall and his wife, Elaine, Gloria Nail Graham, Eloise Griffith Hilyer, Rick and Betty Hall, and Cleveland Ingram and his wife Kay.