People from our area who traveled to far away places in their Christian service.

The lady in the pink and lavender flowered blouse behind the man in the blue and white shirt is my first cousin, Cynthia Elizabeth "Beth" Hall Duncan.  The man in the blue and white shirt is her husband, Bill Gene Duncan.  Beth grew up on the corner of Castaway Island Road and Martin Dam Road in the house next to the Lake Martin Animal Clinic in the 1930's 40's and 50's.  She was the daughter of Maynor and Izella Ransom Hall. She went to college  at Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga and met her husband there.  He became a preacher and they traveled eventually to Borneo as missionaries.  After they retired, he wanted to go back one more time to visit his little church in Borneo. 

He is shown here visiting the mother of one of his members in a hospital in Borneo who was terminal at the time.  Bill died of a heart attack shortly after this photo was taken while still in Borneo.  Beth had a time getting his body back to Refuge Church in Red Hill for his funeral service due to the tremendous complications of transporting bodies from Borneo to the United States.

They were tireless workers for the cause of Christ all around the Pacific Rim for much of their lives and their son is still teaching in Southeast Asia.   

Edward and Nita Flurry Hall attended Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the 1940's.  They married and spent their honeymoon in the log home that is the first house on the left on Dopson Point Road in Red Hill, carrying their water from the well at R. B. Darden's house on Highway 50.  They later went to Liberia as missionaries and served there for many years.