2019 First Quarter




Looking back and reflecting on the year 2018, we can say without hesitation  it was a very good year.  Several things were accomplished that we had dreamed of and worked for, many years.

By this time last year we had a new roof, completely paid for. 
Several gave generous donations of money.  Others donated to huge yard sales at the school.  A group of our musician friends did a big benefit, where over a thousand dollars were donated. Sale of the engraved bricks provided several thousand dollars to the fund.

Another dream was realized as we finished the Memorial Garden with over 60 engraved bricks, honoring friends and family who had Red Hill connections.  Many former students, teachers and one principal have had bricks given to honor them.


The 2018 RED HILL SCHOOL REUNION in October was a huge success with over 60 attending.  One came from Orlando, FL area and a couple came from Virginia.  The oldest attending was Mr. Arvel Griffith at age 99.  He just recently passed.

At the reunion several bought bricks to be engraved and several bought a lifetime membership.  We now have 9 who have bought lifetime memberships.

We have many more bricks available and the price is:

Bricks to be engraved for $125 each.

Lifetime membership:  $100

One year club membership: $10


Once again have big dreams for improving the school.  The north wing was never restored.  We are in the process of making money to have it restored.  We talk of a possible museum there.  Several items have been donated to be placed in it.  We have two contractors interested in doing it but no bids yet. We want to keep it as near to the original as possible.


Our first money making project this year will be a spaghetti dinner on Sat. March 30, 2019 4pm until 6pm for the food.  It will be an evening of Music and Dinner.  For $10 you can eat, listen to good music and dance the night away. A great band has volunteered to play from 6:30 pm until 8:30pm.


For more information on the bricks, membership or the Spaghetti dinner, call me at 334-541- 2474 or see any member of the RH Community club.


Please come to our meetings…Every second Monday night at 6:30pm in the auditorium of the old school.

We try to always be finished in one hour!


For over 16 years now we have sponsored a country music jam session on Friday nights from 6:30pm until 8:30pm with some really good musicians.  It is an open stage and some players come every week and many others just come now and then.  Several of them have played professionally.  There is no admission but we accept donations.  We receive enough each week to keep the lights on and the water bill paid plus a little more.  There is always free coffee and may of the regulars bring cakes, cookies and other goodies to share.  There are often reporters coming to do an article on us and last week we were featured in two Elmore County papers and one in Alex City, AL