The original portion of this home was built by Buck & Voncille White, probably in the late 1930's or early 1940's. Here they raised their two children, Hubert Earl and Sheryl. In the late 1940s they both worked at the cotton mills in Alexander City on the same shift, My mother, Faye Adair Hall Abrams at the time, got a job at the same mill on the same shift as they worked. She began to ride to work with them and would always explain to us boys how terrified she was in riding with them as Buck always started to Alexander City late and would have to drive at what she considered speeds not conducive to long life. They did all survive these perilous trips to work over the years. Ironically after Buck had retired in later years, he pulled out in front of a vehicle near his home and sustained injuries which he did not survive. The current building is the home of The Dirt Road Gourmet kitchens and is owned by two of our commercial members of RHCC, Reuben and Jackie Thornton.