Aug. 14, 2020

Why is Christianity so despised by so much of the world?

There is no faith in which its true followers will dispense more kindness and compassion than the Christianity that its founder, Christ, advocated and taught.  Yet it is becoming the faith to bash and hate and persecute in more and more countries around the world.  And it is rapidly becoming the faith to ridicule in this country, one that was supposedly founded on its principles.  North Korea continues to hold the top spot for Christian bashing and persecution.  Saudi Arabia is a close number 2 where conversion to Christianity is punishable by death.  And yet we can't make enough nice to them!  Afghanistan comes in third, where converts to Christianity are facing intimidation, beatings, job loss, and imprisonment.  And this is after thousands of Christians from our country have sacrificed lives and limbs to give them a country with freedoms available to its citizens.  Iraq, where so much of our money and so many of the lives of our men and women were expended, has moved from 9th in Christian bashing to 4th. Exactly why a faith, with so much suppression and cruelty practiced so many of its adherents is preferred, is a real poser.