Most of the Halls of Red Hill circa early 1950's. Not quite sure why the Maynor Hall family were not present. Carlton Hall had died in 1943. Cynthia Jo Hall Pryor was living in Huntsville. This pic was taken at the old Scout Camp, on the very end of Scout Camp road, which is not accessible today. Not sure who took the pic. From what I have been told and know, the back row are, left to right, as follows: Jack Hall, George Dewey Hall, Joe Taunton, Aunt Cloma's father, Forest Hall, Cynthia Varilla Kennedy Hall(Granny Hall), Willis Hall, Felicia Taunton Walls Hall, Faye Irene Adair Hall Abrams, Theo Abrams, Bill Hall, Homer Hall, Cloma Taunton Hall and Billy Joe Hall. The kids on the front row, left to right, are: Roger Hall, Raymond Hall, Carolyn Hall, George Hall, Sara Edith Hall(hiding behind George), Willie Ray Hall and James Abrams. All the back row are gone and one on the front row, George Macon Hall is gone.